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What We Do

New Music USA is the leading national resource for new music. We are here for the whole new music community – we support and connect music makers, organizations, and audiences by:

As we go about our work, we make a point of not defining too precisely what we mean by new music. We simply want all music that’s not commercially viable to flourish through its originality and diverse forms of expression. We also believe that it’s a spectacular time for creativity and collaboration and we are keen for the work we support to reflect the talent of creators and practitioners from all backgrounds and from every part of the United States.

Nationally and internationally, New Music USA plays a crucial role through its engagement with Performing Arts Alliance, the International Association of Music Information Centers, the International Society for Contemporary Music and more. Those partnerships help us represent the interests of our constituents amongst organizations we can learn from and collaborate with from across the US and beyond.

In each different context for our work, our focus is on the music; this is what unites everyone engaged with our community. Our newsletters, magazine, radio, and social media channels present a snapshot of that music including artists in their own voice, opportunities for you to apply for support and details of live performances near you.

We hope you will join us in spreading the word about our resources so that more people can discover new music in these exceptional times for creativity and innovation in the United States.


We envision in the United States a thriving, interconnected new music community that is available to and impactful for a broad constituency of people.



New Music USA supports and promotes new music created in the United States. We use the power of virtual networks and people to foster connection, deepen knowledge, encourage appreciation, and provide financial support for a diverse constituency of practitioners and appreciators, both within the United States and beyond.



  • We believe in the fundamental importance of creative artists and their work.
  • We espouse a broad, inclusive understanding of the term “new music.”
  • New Music USA is committed to inclusivity and equitable treatment in all our activity and across our nation’s diverse population. We welcome the unique contributions that artists bring in terms of their education, opinions, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, veteran’s status, color, disability, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs.


Our History ►

We’re fortunate to have as our legacy, decades of good works done by the American Music Center and Meet the Composer, the two great organizations that merged to form New Music USA in 2011. Their legacies have brought a small financial endowment that mostly contributes to our Project Grants. However, demand greatly outweighs the support we can offer and we’re extremely grateful each year to the many generous institutions and individuals around the country who make our work possible. They are as dedicated as we are to the advancement of new music and they are helping us to better serve the needs of our far reaching and proactive sector.