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New Music Connect

New Music Connect

New Music Connect

“The power of music to communicate across time thrills me. New Music Connect offers the easiest and most engaging way I know to support new music and join in making musical history.”
-Justus Schlichting, Steering Committee Member

A Network For Friends of New Music

New Music Connect is a flexible and responsive program that brings you together with other major supporters of new music from all over the United States. Through Connect, New Music USA creates opportunities for you to deepen your level of engagement with new American music. We leverage our relationships to provide customized experiences with new work and creators around the U.S., and offer convenings to exchange knowledge and ideas with other enthusiasts, artists, and professionals in the field. Connect participants are also able to build relationships with artists and support their work through our unique project grants portal.

The idea for New Music Connect grew out of New Music USA’s goal to empower the new music field by linking together the various individuals who make up the community – composers, performers, producers, presenters, audiences, supporters, enthusiasts…and more.

New Music Connect is probably different from anything else you have encountered, even if you are already deeply engaged with new American music as a listener, supporter, practitioner, or any combination of these. It’s not a commissioning club, or a membership program, but it IS an opportunity to meet others who are devoted to new music, share knowledge, experiences, and points of view, hear and engage with projects and artists you never knew about before, support new work, partner up to learn about new trends, and find opportunities to collaborate and make a positive impact on the new music field.


Our Story

In 2011, New Music USA was formed when two organizations, Meet The Composer (founded in 1974), and the American Music Center (founded in 1939), merged. At the heart of New Music USA’s mission is the coalescence of the diverse segments of the new music population into a vibrant and powerful national community.

As one major step toward that goal, we’ve used virtual space as our starting point, and created a path on newmusicusa.org that enables seamless access to our grantmaking programs, our web magazine NewMusicBox, our gallery of new music projects from all over the U.S., and our social media tools, to learn about, explore, follow, and promote new music.

We’ve also brought people from around the U.S. together through convenings of new music practitioners to discuss trends in the field, a Program Council made up of artists and administrators who provide ongoing feedback on the relevance of our work, and New Music Connect: The Network for Friends of New Music. While each of these discrete groups engages with new music through a lens that focuses on aspects of particular interest to them, it’s also our goal to bring these groups together, to share ideas, enthusiasms, expertise, and more – with each other. From our point of view, the more we engage with each other around the music, the better our experiences with that music can be.

New Music Connect is a program for major donors to New Music USA. To find out more about participating in New Music Connect please contact:

Deborah Steinglass
Director of Development
New Music USA
212/645-6949 Ext. 114