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Eleven Eleven

Eleven dances in eleven months, featuring new work of 16 choreographers, each piece exploring the unusual nature of its performance setting, from an old Mexican restaurant, to a state-of-the-art brewhouse, to a 27-acre village of tiny homes.

Created By: Jennifer Sherburn
Project Types: Dance, Interdisciplinary

Industrial Foundations – An Interdisciplinary Project

A New Mexican interdisciplinary work by local composers, dancers, and performers featuring historic local venues.

Created By: New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Large Ensemble


The fifth collaboration between Stephen Petronio (choreographer) and Son Lux (composer), exploring the immediacy of physical contact.

Created By: Stephen Petronio Company
Project Types: Dance, Large Ensemble


The Culmination of 45 years ! Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre and Da Capo Chamber Players celebrated their work in a best-of production.

Created By: Danmari - Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre
Project Types: Dance, Interdisciplinary, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo


Respire is a site-specific performance exploring public space, inspired by and created for the architecture of the MCA Chicago.

Created By: CabinFever
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Recording

Identity Theft

Identity Theft is a multimedia dance theatre piece that captures the complex and conflicting experience of our threatened identity.

Created By: Linda Bouchard
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo, Theater


Part ghost story, part acrobatic spectacle, Residue is an original dance work featuring live music and a full-stage, steel pipe structure.

Created By: Becky Radway Dance Projects
Project Types: Dance, Small Ensemble or Solo


A Site-Specific Performance about Immigration

Created By: Heather Christian
Project Types: Dance, Large Ensemble, Recording, Theater


Rennie Harris Puremovement presents Lifted, a story of redemption told through the rhythms of hip-hop and the spiritual vocals of gospel.

Created By: Rennie Harris
Project Types: Dance

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