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Open Source: the wulf.’s electronic music series

Demonstrating the genesis and trajectory of music using technologies in novel and innovative ways.

Created By: the wulf.
Project Types: Electronics, Interdisciplinary


To write a 60 minute work CLEPSYDRA for 15-piece ensemble, with material derived from electronic sample and hold procedures.

Created By: Hans Tammen
Project Types: Electronics, Jazz, Large Ensemble

Inside You Is Me

Inside You is Me uses sonic compositions and modular architecture to activate the body’s experience of sonic space.

Created By: Dena Beard
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary

MEGA-ORGAN: the interactive improvisation space

A sonic and kinetic installation and improvisation environment of harmonica-playing inflatable sculptures

Created By: Sky Macklay
Project Types: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Jazz, Recording

American Music Festival 2016: Songs of the Rolling Earth

The American Music Festival: 35 new works, 19 world premieres, 32 composers -in-residence.

Created By: Albany Symphony
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Large Ensemble, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Swarms of Light in Metal: Trevor Saint, glockenspiel

New Music for a Re-imagined instrument: The premiere recording of music for the extended-range glockenspiel.

Created By: Trevor Saint
Project Types: Electronics, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

RAGAS & POLYPHONY: New works for multi-track Indian vocals, just intonation piano and tabla by Michael Harrison

New works by Michael Harrison for CD with Mashkoor Ali Khan (Indian vocals), Anindo Chatterjee (tabla) and Harrison (just intonation piano)

Created By: Michael Harrison
Project Types: Electronics, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

DOT AIR – experimental music and art festival

Celebrating sonic and performance experimentation that grows out of the psychographic remains of the American Industrial Revolution

Created By: Blackstone Valley Tourism Council
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble or Solo

Resonance and Resemblance

Suzanne Thorpe activates Manitoga’s granite walled Quarry Pool producing a soaring sonic intervention for our 2017 Annual Performance.

Created By: Manitoga
Project Types: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo

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