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Harrison 100 / Thingamajigs 20

A year long celebration of 10 commissioned works to honor and celebrate Lou Harrison’s centenary and Thingamajigs’ 20th anniversary.

Created By: Thingamajigs
Project Types: Interdisciplinary, Large Ensemble, Small Ensemble or Solo

Open Source: the wulf.’s electronic music series

Demonstrating the genesis and trajectory of music using technologies in novel and innovative ways.

Created By: the wulf.
Project Types: Electronics, Interdisciplinary

Inside You Is Me

Inside You is Me uses sonic compositions and modular architecture to activate the body’s experience of sonic space.

Created By: Dena Beard
Project Types: Dance, Electronics, Interdisciplinary

New Music for Viola d’Amore

A new solo work for the baroque instrument viola d’amore written for Italian virtuoso Marco Fusi.

Created By: Dominique Schafer
Project Types: Small Ensemble or Solo

Organon Novus: Contemporary Organ Works by American Masters

25 Years, 25 American composers, 25 Compositions shattering conventions of organ music and paving the future for the “King of Instruments”

Created By: Randall Harlow
Project Types: Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo


The Industry teams up with Andy Akiho to create new music for Brecht’s Life of Galileo

Created By: The Industry
Project Types: Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo


Kate Weare premieres Marksman with an original score by Curtis Robert Macdonald, co-commissioned by The Joyce Theater and American Dance Festival.

Created By: Kate Weare
Project Types: Dance


To write a 60 minute work CLEPSYDRA for 15-piece ensemble, with material derived from electronic sample and hold procedures.

Created By: Hans Tammen
Project Types: Electronics, Jazz, Large Ensemble

MEGA-ORGAN: the interactive improvisation space

A sonic and kinetic installation and improvisation environment of harmonica-playing inflatable sculptures

Created By: Sky Macklay
Project Types: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Jazz, Recording

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