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Organon Novus: Contemporary Organ Works by American Masters

25 Years, 25 American composers, 25 Compositions shattering conventions of organ music and paving the future for the “King of Instruments”

Created By: Randall Harlow
Project Types: Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Swarms of Light in Metal: Trevor Saint, glockenspiel

New Music for a Re-imagined instrument: The premiere recording of music for the extended-range glockenspiel.

Created By: Trevor Saint
Project Types: Electronics, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

Trance-figured Night with Dal Niente and Murat Çolak

A collaboration between Ensemble Dal Niente and the Boston-based Turkish composer Murat Çolak on a new piece for ensemble and electronics

Created By: Murat Çolak
Project Types: Electronics, Small Ensemble or Solo

Edgefest 2016: 20 Years at the Edge

An international festival; presenting new music, composed and improvised; concerts, master classes and free events in downtown Ann Arbor.

Created By: Kerrytown Concert House
Project Types: Jazz

Tales from the Deep, Neighborhood of Make-Believe, and Gardens are Prolific

Local compositions to and for local communities.

Created By: MPLS (imPulse)
Project Types: Interdisciplinary, Large Ensemble, Recording

And All Time

A new chamber work exploring perceptions of time in words and music, representing a new artistic direction for an award-winning composer

Created By: Fifth House Ensemble
Project Types: Small Ensemble or Solo

Neurosonics (cont.)

Andrew McManus and the Spektral Quartet use neuroscientific research to create a response to epilepsy

Created By: Andrew McManus
Project Types: Electronics, Interdisciplinary, Small Ensemble or Solo

Jesse Jones: persona mechanica


Created By: Xak Bjerken
Project Types: Large Ensemble

George Lewis Portrait Album

Dal Niente collaborates with innovative composer George Lewis on the first full-length portrait album of his notated music

Created By: Ensemble Dal Niente
Project Types: Large Ensemble, Recording, Small Ensemble or Solo

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