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New Music USA Anti-Racism Statement

Black lives matter. Black voices matter.  

Anti-racism is not a one-day campaign or a letter of intent. It is a commitment we must make and reaffirm every day of our lives.  

New Music USA stands against bigotry, violence, and oppression, and will continue to support and elevate Black voices. As a national cultural organization, we have the power and the responsibility to push for social change. 

We are inspired by the contributions of Black artists and composers in the new music community. We encourage you to join us in supporting their work. Please scroll down to listen to some of the Black artists and composers we’ve funded and worked with. Buy their recordings. Share the music that speaks to you.  

We continue to work to create the community we wish to see, and to support Black artists and organizations across all our grantmaking programs. We cannot work toward more equitable representation in the new music world without evaluating where we are and acknowledging there is still so much more that we need to do. We commit ourselves to listening without defensiveness, holding ourselves and fellow organizations accountable for action and inaction, and strengthening our position as an inclusive and anti-racist organization. 

We will publish, in the coming weeks, more details of the concrete and measurable actions we will take to achieve this change. Please get in touch if you want to be part of our ongoing change.


Support Black Artists

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