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2013 Cary New Music Performance Fund Awardees

June 10, 2013

Each year, the Cary New Music Performance Fund provides general operating support to professional music organizations who are deeply committed to presenting, performing, commissioning and recording new music in the five boroughs of New York City. This year’s Cary awardees prove that deep-seeded commitment through their intrepid programming and often unconventional means of sharing new music with a greater community.

The 2013 Cary awardees are composed of an eclectic mix of 36 talented organizations. Composers, performers, presenters, musicians, administrators, and artists that wear these five hats simultaneously all comprise the extraordinarily hard-working individuals that are behind the distinguished groups listed below – and all of whom share our mission in increasing the dissemination of and appreciation for new music.

From experimental electronic soundscapes, to groups committed to alternative tunings in vocal works, to avante-jazz performances by composers and performers both young and old; our diverse and interdisciplinary group of Cary awardees is truly a testament to the creative vitality that defines the field of new music today. Get to know our awardees a little better by reading about them and exploring their organizations’ website below:

Alarm Will Sound

Alarm Will Sound is an ensemble of twenty musicians committed to performances and recordings of new music and related arts. It is an advocate for innovative work by established and emerging composers, especially those works that incorporate theatrical and multimedia elements by choreographers, visual artists, designers, and directors.

American Contemporary Music Ensemble

ACME is dedicated to the outstanding performance of masterworks from the 20th and 21st centuries, primarily the work of American composers. ACME does not subscribe to one stylistic movement or genre; its concerts present all genres of contemporary music in the same light and with the same conviction.

American Opera Projects

AOP’s mission is to identify, develop and present new and innovative works of music theater by emerging and established artists and to engage our audiences in an immersive, transformative theatrical experience.

Argento New Music Project

Argento’s mission is to engage the public with innovative and compelling contemporary music through performance, production, recording, and education. The performance arm of the ANMP is the Argento Chamber Ensemble, consisting of nine core members and regularly expanding to up to 30 musicians. The group poses fundamental questions about the relationships among sound, noise and music, the diversity of modes of contemporary composition and the nature of sound in 21st-century American music.

Arts for Art, Inc.

Arts for Art, Inc. is a multicultural organization dedicated to expanding awareness and understanding of avant-jazz and jazz-related arts. Aside from its flagship Vision Festival, now in its 18th year, its weekly music series provides a stable platform for emerging and mid-career artists to present their work, and the organization’s education programs to pass on the tradition to the next generation.

C4: The Choral Composers/Conductors Collective

C4 aims to enrich artists and audiences alike through passionate advocacy of new choral works: to perform pieces written within the last 25 years; to premiere in concert and commission new choral works; and to mentor emerging singers, composers, and conductors of today’s choral music in a welcoming atmosphere.


counter)induction seeks to celebrate the diversity of contemporary composition through exceptional performances and to expand the audiences for new music through outreach programs and academic residencies.


Dither is a New York-based electric guitar quartet, dedicated to an eclectic mix of experimental repertoire which spans composed music, improvisation, and electronic manipulation.

Ear Heart Music

The mission of Ear Heart Music is twofold: to provide outstanding artists with a high-quality platform for the presentation of contemporary chamber music, and to foster a new generation of audiences who value and enjoy chamber music as an integral component of a broader cultural response. Ear Heart Music partners with venues that embrace a relaxed atmosphere yet provide superior facilities and seamless operations.


The mission of Ekmeles is to present new and rarely-heard works for small vocal ensemble, and to collaborate with instrumental ensembles performing similar repertoire. Given the flexibility of tuning afforded by unaccompanied singing, Ekmeles has a special focus on commissioning and performing works in non-standard tuning systems, and exploring historical tunings and temperaments.

Ensemble Signal

Ensemble Signal was created to address a pressing need in contemporary cultural life. A diverse range of visionary composers in the U.S. and beyond have created a distinguished body of work for flexible contemporary ensemble (1-30+ orchestral instruments). Recognizing this need, Ensemble Signal aims to offer the broadest possible audience accessibility to a diverse range of music through performance, educational outreach, commissioning, and recording.


The string quartet, comprised of conservatory-trained musician/composers Ralph Farris, Kip Jones, Dorothy Lawson and Tema Watstein, invigorates contemporary concert music with imaginative programming and exceptional artistry. The group is renowned as a passionate interpreter of today’s most exciting music, and as an initiator and incubator for string quartet repertoire, inspiring and creating music for the 21st century.


Harvestworks’ mission is to support artists in the creation and presentation of music and art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies. Its vision is to create in international electronic arts center that will be an important cultural destination for audiences and artists from around the world.

ISSUE Project Room

ISSUE Project Room is a pioneering music performance center, presenting projects by emerging and established experimental artists that expand the boundaries of artistic practice and stimulate critical dialogue in the broader community. ISSUE plays a vital role in NYC’s cultural ecology, annually presenting innovative work by more than 200 artists, commissioning and premiering more than 20 new works each year, and hosting the NY premiere of an additional 50 – 60 works each year.

JACK Quartet

JACK’s mission is to present, promote, and educate the public community about new music as well as expand and enhance the depth of the string quartet repertoire by collaborating with composers on the interpretation of existing works and the commissioning of new works.

League of Composers/ISCM

The League’s mission is to present new music written by emerging and established living composers alongside masterworks from the 20th and 21st centuries. The League is able to accomplish this mission through collaborations with high-caliber musicians, its commissioning program, educational outreach, and its annual composition competition

Look and Listen Festival

Look & Listen is an annual festival that presents a boldly diverse array of contemporary classical music in art galleries. The mission of the Look & Listen Festival is constant and two-fold: to introduce and increase audiences for new music and to foster collaboration between the visual and musical arts.

Mantra Percussion

Mantra Percussion’s mission is to produce live performances that explore the art of percussion through interdisciplinary collaborations and by presenting evening-length works that challenge and redefine the accepted classical music concert format.

Metropolis Ensemble

Metropolis Ensemble is a professional chamber orchestra and ensemble dedicated to making classical music in its most contemporary forms. Led by Grammy-nominated conductor Andrew Cyr, Metropolis Ensemble gathers today’s most outstanding emerging composers and young artists to produce unique, innovative concert experiences.

MIVOS Quartet

The Mivos Quartet is devoted to performing the works of contemporary composers, presenting new music to diverse audiences. Commissioning and premiering new music for string quartet is essential to the quartet’s mission. Mivos is committed to working with guest artists and exploring multi-media projects involving live video and electronics, and maintains a robust education initiative with schools and colleges all over the world.

Momenta Quartet

The Momenta Quartet’s mission is to bring the best of contemporary music to audiences in New York City and around the world. Our vision of new music embraces composers from all cultures and from diverse musical backgrounds, including jazz and avant-garde improvisation. Momenta devotes 80% of its programming to living composers, the majority of whom are emerging or underrepresented in the New York new music scene.

Music at the Anthology (MATA)

MATA commissions, presents, and supports the music of a wide array of young composers from around the globe. MATA’s directors are motivated by a desire to create community among composers in the early stages of their careers, especially those whose work does not fit into existing institutions. In providing developing composers with professional performances of their work and valuable connections to colleagues, MATA is a catalyst for their entry into American musical life.

Music From China

Music From China was established to promote understanding and appreciation of traditional and contemporary Chinese music by the general public and preserve this heritage among Chinese Americans through performance, commissioning, instruction, training, and arts education.

New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival

The New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF) is dedicated to showcasing the best electroacoustic music and video art from all over the world in New York City, through a multi-day festival in different venues throughout the city. The festival includes electroacoustic music recorded alone in up to eight channels, works involving live electronics, works combining musical instruments or voices with recorded or live electronics, video and multimedia works, and audio and video installations.


Newspeak seeks to reconsider, redefine, and ultimately reclaim the notion of socially engaged music and its place in contemporary society, through programming, performances, and commissions. Embedding elements of a rock band into a classical new music ensemble, the ensemble also aims to confront the boundaries between the classical and the rock traditions.

NOW Ensemble

With its unique instrumentation of flute, clarinet, electric guitar, double bass, and piano, NOW ensemble brings a fresh sound and a new perspective to the classical tradition, infused with a blend of musical influences that reflects the diverse backgrounds and listening experiences of its members.

pamplemousse productions, inc.

Composer/performer group Ensemble Pamplemousse was founded in 2002 to provide a focal point for like-minded creators with a thirst for sonic exploration. The ensemble is a close-knit group of divergent artistic personalities, emergent from training in disparate musical fields. Their collective love for the exquisite in all sonic realms leads the ensemble to persistently discover new vistas of sound at the frayed edges of dissective instrumental performance technique.

PRISM Quartet

PRISM’s saxophone quartet members Matthew Levy, Timothy McAllister, Zach Shemon, and Taimur Sullivan continue to cultivate individual national presences while maintaining a concert series/presenting and residency program in NYC alongside a student commissioning award for NYC-based composers.

Roomful of Teeth

Roomful of Teeth is a vocal octet dedicated to re-imagining singing in the 21st century. The ensemble continually expands their vocabulary of singing techniques and, through an on-going commissioning project, invites today’s brightest composers to create a repertoire without borders. The project’s aim is to mine the expressive potential of the human voice by embracing the fullest span of vocal styles and to build a new repertoire of vocal music based on this vision.


Roulette’s continuing intention is to support artists making experiments in music, intermedia and other disciplines by providing them with commissions, a place to perform, a professional fee, and an audience interested in the various traditions and developments in experimental music and new media.

Sympho, Inc.

Sympho is an orchestra of variable size that inspires listeners through a distinctive and expanded view of the classical music experience. We create compelling programs that juxtapose music of different periods in revelatory ways, often collaborating with like-minded artists across disciplines to provide our audience with an immersive, multisensory experience.

Talea Ensemble

Now in its sixth season, the fifteen-member Talea Ensemble wishes to support and advance familiarity with contemporary American works by bringing it to diverse venues in New York and abroad while introducing works from overseas that receive less attention to local audiences. By developing an interactive relationship between composers, performers and audiences, the Talea Ensemble builds an environment of reciprocal inspiration that sparks the imagination of all.

The Jazz Gallery

The Jazz Gallery provides an international center where the youngest generation of professional jazz musicians can be nurtured, giving them an audience for their performances and a stage upon which to assemble their bands. Our purpose is to celebrate the fact that jazz remains a vigorous and vital art form, capable both of sustaining the innovative talents of mature musicians and of capturing the imagination of a young generation of brilliant performers and composers.


TRANSIT is a NYC-based new music collective that produces & performs experimental music events. Founded by a group of like-minded young musicians at the Bang on a Can Summer Institute in 2007, the group set out to address what it viewed as the imbalanced state of the musical establishment through the promotion of new music by emerging composers, the undertaking of ambitious experimental projects with innovative music-makers, and the avoidance of the type of stylistic infighting that has sometimes hindered the cause of new music in the past.

Wet Ink

The Wet Ink Ensemble is a New York-based new music collective. Its mission is to present innovative programs of contemporary music with a focus on creating, promoting, and organizing adventurous American music, while giving composers an open platform for their work that encourages artistic integrity and authenticity.


Yarn/Wire is a two-keyboard, two-percussion quartet whose primary mission is to present contemporary music performances that challenge existing trends in contemporary music while expanding its repertoire to reflect the varied new voices of today. Newly commissioned pieces form the centerpiece of this vision, and Yarn/Wire finds its collaborations with young composers from the United States and abroad among its most rewarding experiences.