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A New Approach to Work Samples

August 16, 2013

How to Share Your Work Samples

At New Music USA we want everyone to hear the music of artists and organizations we support. That’s why we’re changing how we handle work samples for our new project grants. We’re asking you, our applicants, to embed links to publicly available video and audio clips. These will be part of your project page, which will be reviewed by a panel of artists from all over the country. With public work samples, when we publish your awarded project, our whole community will be able to hear your music*.

You’ll have three options for your embedded work samples: YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. You can upload video or audio to these websites for free, and use them to share your work; we’ve gathered more information about them below. You’ll simply copy and paste a link to each work sample from one of these sites to your project on New Music USA. Then it will be automatically embedded on your project page, which you’ll be able to preview before submission. We’re working hard to make this as simple as possible.

You’ll be able to share up to three work samples on each project, and link to your own website or social media – where you aren’t limited in what you can post. If your work isn’t available on one of our three supported services, you’ll be able to upload an mp3 recording or a pdf of a score up to 10 MB in size. You’ll upload these files directly to New Music USA, and they’ll appear on your project page just like embedded work samples.

If you’re new to YouTube, Vimeo, or Soundcloud, you might find some of these resources helpful:


YouTube is free and incredibly easy to use – you just create an account and start uploading videos. If you are new to YouTube, you should consider reading their helpful article on getting started or browsing their support site.


Vimeo has a few more bells and whistles for video that you can choose to purchase – but the basic account is completely free, offers plenty of space for work samples, and is just as easy to use. If you want to know more about Vimeo, they’ve written a lot about the different ways you can use it.


SoundCloud is also free and easy to use. Like Vimeo, you can pay a little extra to host more works with more features on your SoundCloud page, but the service is free with a basic account. If you don’t already use it and you’d like to learn more about SoundCloud, there’s great information on their support page.

*We’re artists too, and we understand that not all of our best work can be made publicly available online. That’s why you’ll have the option to share your work samples privately with the panel. However, sharing public work samples will help you make stronger connections with New Music USA’s community.