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Alarm Will Sound in 2014-2015

August 27, 2015

Alarm Will Sound received support through the Cary New Music Performance Fund for their 2014-2015 season.

Support from the Cary New Music Performance Fund allowed Alarm Will Sound to achieve one of our most ambitious seasons.

Highlights include:

Alarm System

We launched Alarm System, a program through which artists from a variety of backgrounds collaborate with Alarm Will Sound to create new work. The goal is to expand the circle of those who can make great music for us, and who can contribute their ideas to the new-music world.

In this inaugural 2014-15 year, the artists were Valgeir Sigurđson (founder of the Bedroom Community label in Iceland), Ryan McNeely (aka St. Louis producer and music-maker Adult Fur), and the avant-jazz-funk trio Medeski, Martin & Wood.

Twinned in South Korea

In Seoul, we performed Twinned, our collaboration with Dance Heginbotham that pairs movement with the music of Tyondai Braxton, Aphex Twin, and Edgard Varèse. Twinned was created during our yearlong residency at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last season.

Radio Rewrite CD Release, BAM, and Poland’s Sacrum Profanum

In September, Nonesuch Records released Radio Rewrite, featuring Steve Reich’s new Radiohead-inspired work for Alarm Will Sound.

That month, we celebrated the release with a Steve Reich portrait at Poland’s Sacrum Profanum – including the premiere of Reich Rewrite by our pianist John Orfe – and a performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music marking Nonesuch’s 50th Anniversary. Those BAM performances also included a portrait of John Adams, including his Son of Chamber Symphony also written for Alarm Will Sound.

Whitney Nancarrow Festival

In June, we helped to inaugurate the Whitney Museum‘s new building during an 11-day festival “Anywhere in Time” recognizing the work of composer Conlon Nancarrow. Both the evening performances and the afternoon installation were covered in this New York Times review and this ICIYL article.

John Luther Adams premiere

John Luther Adams joined us for the world premiere of his Ten Thousand Birds, based on the songs of birds native to Missouri. The performance inaugurated St. Louis’s new outdoor Public Media Commons space.

St. Louis 250th Anniversary

For St. Louis’s 250th Anniversary, we participated in a performance and PBS special celebrating the city’s unique musical influences including a premiere by our cellist Stefan Freund.

The Hunger by Donnacha Dennehy

We performed the concert premiere of Donnacha Dennehy’s The Hunger, an opera about Ireland’s Great Famine composed for Alarm Will Sound. You can learn more about The Hunger on our New Music USA grant page.


Cleveland State University residency

As guests at Cleveland State University, we read new works by student composers and premiered Andrew Rindfleisch’s Vesper Voices alongside other works written for Alarm Will Sound.

Mind Out of Matter at Montclair State University

We premiered Scott Johnson’s 75-minute work commissioned by Montclair State University. The work uses samples of philosopher Daniel Dennett discussing the evolutionary origins of religion.

Music Today at Community Music School


We continued to make new music part of young performers’ lives through Music Today, a pre-college ensemble at the Community Music School of Webster University.

Mizzou International Composers Festival


Continuing our role as Ensemble-in-Residence at the Mizzou International Composers Festival, we premiered eight works by the festival’s Resident Composers and worked with the festival’s guest composers Andrew Norman and Hans Abrahmsen on performances of their works.

Recordings of the festival’s Resident Composer’s premieres from previous years are available on our Soundcloud page.

Looking ahead

Approaching our 15th birthday next season, we’re grateful for the support that New Music USA has consistently provided us through the Cary New Music Performance Fund. Thank you for your advocacy of new music as an essential part of today’s world.