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Amplifying Voices

Launched in 2020, New Music USA’s Amplifying Voices program makes a commitment to be a steward and partner in a multitude of projects that foster strong working relationships between American orchestras and composers of color across the country. Amplifying Voices seeks to increase the support and promotion for composers of color, create space at the table for artistic-planning at major national orchestras, and make major strides toward transforming the classical canon to include an equitable representation of works by composers of color. Throughout the program New Music USA will collaborate closely with six consortia of orchestras, each with at least four orchestras, for a minimum of 24 participating orchestras. Each consortium will co-commission a work from a composer of color for the 2021-22 season, and the artistic management team at each orchestra will work with their partner composer to strengthen the programming of existing works by composers of color as of their 2020/2021 season.


  • Composers, orchestras, and communities benefit from encouraging more collaboration and collective action towards equitable representation of composers of color in the contemporary classical canon.
  • Stimulating co-commissions and performance of existing repertoire is a powerful tool to make structural change.
  • Contributions to artistic-planning by composers of color is a key factor in building the orchestral world of the future.

Amplifying Voices program was selected as a Sphinx Venture Fund (SVF) recipient for 2020. Sphinx Organization made a commitment to invest $1.5 million over five years to transform the future of cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts through SVF. The Amplifying Voices program was one of two proposals selected for the 2020 cycle. New Music USA is honored to partner with Sphinx Organization to affect extensive and long term positive change through this program.