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CAP Recording Pool

August 22, 2012

Since AMC’s and MTC’s merger last November, a lot of things have changed. We’ve simplified our application processes, and started to use our Facebook page and Tumblr blog to share grant opportunities with anyone and everyone who wants in on the action.

The deadline for CAP Recording just passed. In case you missed it: our CAP Recording program provides direct assistance for first recordings of a work by living American composers and performing ensembles dedicated to contemporary American music. Composers, performers, record labels, and organizations can all apply. 15 applicants are awarded, and awards typically range from $4,000-$10,000. Last year, we had just over 100 applicants. But that’s nothing compared to this year’s round.

This year, we have 242 applications.

We are so excited to start plowing through these applications and prepare them for our review panelists. So far, this mix has a fantastic range of styles, from contemporary classical to hip-hop, from experimental jazz to soul and R&B, singer-songwriters, electronic artists, and opera. And that’s only after listening to the first 100 work samples. We have over 600 more to go.

We did some things to make our application process a whole lot simpler this year. And judging by our applicant pool’s +100% increase, we guess a lot of people agreed. Here are some things we did:

  • Consolidated Applications – we combined the 2011 application into one, single location, and made it available online. This means applicants give us complete applications (they can be saved but not submitted unless they are entirely finished), a streamlined grantwriting experience, and they can log back in at any point to see what they’ve written, even after the grant has been submitted.
  • Less required materials – we stripped down our grant requirements to the basics: project narratives, plans and timetables, 3 representative work samples, and information about those involved. That’s it.
  • Updated the guidelines – you can take a look at them here[New Music USA-Grants-2012 CAP recording guidelines-91812]. They are clearer, easier to read, and helped better lay out who is eligible and how to complete the application in advance.

As always, any questions about our grant programs can be directed to our grant-making team, and keep your eyes open for the awards list this November!