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Support the New Music Creator Development Fund

Join New Music USA in our $100,000 commitment
to music creators

Download the announcement PDF here.

New Music USA has launched a new fund in response to the impact of COVID-19 on individual music creators and composers. The New Music Creator Development Fund supports music creators who are feeling the impact of canceled commissions and an uncertain future. It is the second emergency initiative New Music USA has launched this year.

To fund this new program, New Music USA has allocated $100,000 from its annual grants budget, and is running a fundraising push in hopes of doubling this initial allocation.

Please help us support the individual creators in our communities by contributing as generously as you can!

Earlier this year, stirred by the creative ingenuity of our community, we launched the New Music Solidarity Fund to provide financial support to performers during this time of unprecedented crisis. An incredible committee of artist visionaries and a generous cohort of composers, musicians, philanthropists, and community servants contributed to the New Music Solidarity Fund in Spring 2020.

A triumph in a year of immense challenges, the New Music Solidarity Fund provided 1,044 struggling performers across the nation with $500 unrestricted grants. As one recipient acknowledged:

“Your generosity has been welcomed two-fold, both as an economic assistance but also as confirmation that art matters and that a better day for all of us will come.”

Understanding the importance of uplifting and mobilizing the creative recorders of our history, we now turn our attention to another group of artists at the heart of our mission to support and amplify the voices of tomorrow: music creators.

In November 2020, New Music USA is launching the New Music Creator Development Fund. We are committing $100,000 to provide grants of up to $5,000 which will enable composers of all backgrounds to keep creating, collaborating, and moving their work forward.

Income for music creators has been severely affected by the pandemic—commissions for new works have all but disappeared along with cancelations of live performances, which generate the lion’s share of composers’ royalty payments.

We are looking towards our generous contributors—without whom we could not facilitate the sweeping impact our community needs right now—to match our $100K contribution.

Once again, we respectfully request your participation. Please click the button below to make a secure gift on our website.