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Fall 2015 Project Grants Panelists

February 1, 2016

Today we are pleased to announce the 53 fall 2015 project grants awardees. In addition to the incredible artists we funded this round, we also want to showcase the hardworking group of review panelists who committed hours of insight, expertise, and intensive deliberation to the 976 projects that were submitted. All of our panelists are practitioners in a variety of fields, including composition, performance, choreography, dance, film, sculpture, puppetry, and more. Each of these individuals was paired with projects that fall within their respective areas of knowledge and expertise, and they all played an integral role in our review process, scoring projects based on the review criteria we gave them. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the time and dedication of our colleagues in the field. A huge thanks to these 48 panelists:

Harrison Bankhead – Chicago, IL 1390588324-harrison-bankhead_
Dan Becker – San Francisco, CA dan becker
Suzanne Bocanegra – New York, NY suzanne bocanegra
Samantha Boshnack – Seattle, WA boshnack
Stephen Burns – Chicago, IL Burns_photo-1024x682
Brian Chin – Seattle, WA brian chin
Anthony Cornicello – West Hartford, CT Cornicello_275x206
Brent Michael Davids – Bowler, WI Brent Davids
Mario Diaz de Leon – New York, NY  MarioDiazdeLeon_2_by_KatrinAlbert
Cornelius Eady – Columbia, MO cornelius-eady
Jennifer Edwards – Pittsburgh, PA  jened-3
Marti Epstein – Cambridge, MA marti epstein
Katie Faulkner – Alameda, CA falkner_katie
Ellen Fullman – Berkeley, CA Ellen Fullman
Orlando Jacinto Garcia – Miami Beach, FL orlando jacinto garcia
Janice Garrett – Oakland, CA Janice Garrett
Gina Gibney – New York, NY gina gibney 3
Sara Graef – Pasadena, CA Sara Graef
Nathan Hanson – St. Paul, MN FantasticMerlins-Hanson_Brest2011_w
Stephen Hartke – Oberlin, OH Hartke_222x300
Geoffrey Hudson – Pelham, MA Geoffrey Hudson
Jenny Oliva Johnson – Somerville, MA jenny olivia johnson
Galen Joseph-Hunter – Acra, NY galenjosephhunter_portrait_thumbnail
Daniel Kellogg – Boulder, CO Kellogg+-+bio+pics-9627
Michael Korie – New York, NY korie
Robert Kyr – Portland, OR kyr 3
William Lackey – Columbia, MO william lackey
Sasha Leitman – San Francisco, CA sasha leitman
Erica Lindsay – Rosendale, NY e lindsay
David Ludwig – Philadelphia, PA david ludwig
Rudresh Mahanthappa – Montclair, NJ Rudresh-Mahanthappa-7_teaser_700x
Lou Mallozzi – Chicago, IL Lou Mallozzi
Gesel Mason – Boulder, CO GeselMason
Lisa Mezzacappa – Berkeley, CA Lisa Mezzacappa
John Musto – New York, NY John Musto
Eric Nathan – Providence, RI Eric Nathan
Kevin Noe – Lansing, MI Kevin Noe
Forrest Pierce – Lawrence, KS Forrest-Pierce
Jacob Richman – Providence, RI Jacob Richman
Steven Ricks – Provo, UT steven ricks 2
Pierre Ruhe – Atlanta, GA pierre-ruhejpg-1b28e2931225ca51
Laurie San Martin – David, CA Laure San Martin
Carl Schimmel – Ginnell, IA Carl Schimmel
D.J. Sparr – Lubbock, TX DJ Sparr
Mimi Stillman – Philadelphia, PA Mimi_Stillman_formatted
Dan Tepfer – Brooklyn, NY dan tepfer
Spencer Topel – Hanover, NH Spencer Topel
Clara Yang – Chapel Hill, NC clarapub_03