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June 18, 2014

You’ve no doubt noticed that the projects on New Music USA offer a breathtaking view into the creativity happening across the country right now. Often, the projects we feature are just getting started, and we give you the chance to be in on the action as they come to fruition. The project organizer and collaborators post updates on their progress as the project unfolds. These can show the development of a new work, preparing for performances, insight into the compositional process, even obstacles along the way. As a follower, you get to be the first to hear the rough mix, see the new costume design, watch the rehearsal footage, and more.

On every project page there’s a big blue “Follow” button. If you already have a profile on New Music USA, all you have to do is the click “Follow.” Don’t have an account? Not to worry, making a profile is free and simple.

When you follow a project, the first thing you’ll get is an email confirming that you’re following the project. The project’s organizer gets a similar notification (but don’t worry, we don’t give out your contact information). After that, when the organizer or collaborators on a project post updates, you’ll get a notification by email with a link to the update. Read, watch, enjoy and marvel! You can also leave an encouraging comment or thoughtful response on the project page.

When you’re logged in, you can see all the projects you’re following and which ones have posted recent updates. Just hover over your profile image on the top right of the navigation and select “Projects” from the drop-down menu. From this menu, you can also select “Profile” to edit your profile and be part of the New Music USA community.