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Inside the first round panel process for project grants

January 8, 2014
The first round of New Music USA’s project grants will be announced by February 24.

While our panelists are reviewing the huge number of projects submitted (1618), we’d like to give you some insight into how they’re working. We made the video above to help you understand our approach to the challenges of grantmaking curation through our new system.

We also want to share everything we and the panelists learn about what makes projects successful. We’ll continue adding more information throughout the process to our help site, newmusicusa.uservoice.com.

The presentation below shows you the details of how our first panel process is working by following one project through the entire process. To listen to the presentation, click “Start Prezi” in the middle of embedded presentation, and then the play button in the bottom left corner. There is audio in the presentation, and you can make it fullscreen if you like. After it finishes you can scroll around to explore the details of the process.

As our project grants grow, we’ll work to improve our panel process with every round.