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Laura Schwendinger: We all benefit from New Music USA’s Programs

April 29, 2015

I can’t say enough about the importance New Music USA’s mission in the current music world. I’ve been lucky enough to benefit from their programs with support at crucial times for me. Several project grants (back when they were called CAP Recording) have helped support CD’s with an amazing array of great artists that would not have been possible without the support of New Music USA. A Music Alive residency with the Richmond Symphony for Spring 2016 is a wonderful opportunity to work closely with a fantastic orchestra.

In essence, we all benefit from their programs, whether we are composers whose work is being supported to make a commission happen, or a performer who wants to perform a work that needs just a little bit of help to get it going, or just a lover of music, who is able to hear a concert performance supported in some way by one of New Music USA’s programs. We as a people, will be judged by how we much we support the creation of new work and will be remembered for that. New Music USA is an important part of that shared mission and goal. Please help us support it to the fullest possible extent by giving what you can to this amazing organization.