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Populating Your Public Profile

December 3, 2013

Even though the deadline for our inaugural round of project grants is behind us, and our artistic panelists have begun getting to know the wide range of excellent projects in the pool, there are still steps you can take to promote your art to the greater new music community – through your Public Profile.

It’s not required, but having a profile with information about yourself is definitely in your best interest – your profile gives you a great promotional tool for yourself within New Music USA’s community and to the entire world of new music. While your project pages are only public if awarded, your profiles can be publicly shared and changed at any time – like a pocket-sized personal website. You can make your profile as robust as you’d like by adding photos, biographies, websites, media samples and social media links for yourself and your organizations. You can share your profile with your friends, link to it on Facebook, change it whenever you want, and use it to promote yourself in any way you see fit.

Also important to keep in mind: profiles are always linked to project pages if you’re a collaborator or organizer of a project – which means that the public and our panelists can always find out a little more information about you if they’re curious.

If you already have a profile and you aren’t sure how to go about populating it, visit our help site for a quick walk-through!