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Project Grants: Helpful Tips from the Grants Team

September 4, 2014

This is the grants team here, with some friendly reminders about the upcoming project grants deadline. As you gear up to apply, here are a few points of advice and information you need to know:

  • We have a grantmaking staff of three. Meaning our time to answer immediate questions on the day of the deadline is limited. If you need help before October 1, you can receive it more quickly and more thoroughly by leaving more time for our team to respond. (Also, fun tip: if you email info@newmusicusa.org, it goes to our entire team and we’ll see it more quickly). 
  • Once a project is submitted, you won’t be able to edit the project further. This includes tagging additional collaborators, so make sure that you tag all of the important people involved before you submit (collaborators may still confirm their participation at any time, though, even after you’ve submitted the project).
  • Search for preexisting profiles when inviting collaborators. Right now there are over 8,000 registered artists and organizations in our system. Chances are, the person or organization you’re trying to invite might already have a profile. Make sure you search thoroughly and with multiple spellings before you are positive you should be inviting a new user. If you want to know more about collaborators and how to find them, read this
  • Use the help text. We have written a lot of in-line help text in the project page form to help guide you through a smooth and simple process. You can see the text by moving your cursor over the question marks in each section.
  • Use the Preview. You can see how your project will look as you complete it. Preview is a great way to make sure that your media samples play correctly, that your embed permissions are turned on, that your header photo looks good, and that all of your narrative’s formatting and spelling is exactly how you want it to be. It’s also the final view you see before you submit your project: take full advantage of it to check your work.
  • Notice the “Participating” tab from your Dashboard. If you start a project and want to come back to it later, or you want to reference one of your projects from a previous round, you can find all of your projects underneath the blue “Participating” tab of your Dashboard.
  • Read these Do’s & Don’ts for Work Samples. We’ve broken down some basic recommendations for work samples and tips to maximize their competitiveness here.
  • Read the guidelines carefully. We’ve updated some text. Plus, there is a lot of helpful information within them, including notification dates, eligibility, suggestions and links for maximizing your project’s competitiveness, information on our review process, and much more. Revisit them here.

And most importantly: thank you for being a part of our community and for applying to New Music USA. We can’t wait to see the musical creativity expressed through this next round of project grants.

Happy applying,

Sam, Emily, and Scott
The New Music USA Grants Team