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Providing Tools to Promote New Music

September 10, 2013

We’re gearing up for the launch of our new project grants, designed to support YOU – artists and arts organizations – in new, multifaceted ways.  New Music USA’s project grants have a request process that is flexible and simpler than many grant applications, and the platform provides the following additional benefits:

  1. New Music USA project grants give you a tool to promote your own work. Whenever a project is awarded, it immediately becomes a public project page on our website. These public-facing, media-rich (from work samples) project pages will allow you to post updates about your progress and will be promoted easily and frequently via New Music USA’s social media and email. The result: through our project grants, curious minds and ears will find, share, and follow awarded projects in one central, high-traffic location.
  1. New Music USA project grants promote new music to the public. Project pages fulfill a public demand for discovering new artists and their music. We have received a lot of inquiries from folks over the years who are interested in finding a place – a “one stop shop” – to discover new music that we support. Awarded project pages contain information about the project, work samples, links to personal websites, photos and media for the public to follow and enjoy. Anyone who visits our site can discover the wide range of artists, organizations and projects that are being created and performed in the United States today. Through public content, New Music USA project grants will create a highly visible, easy-to-interact-with platform where thousands of people engage more personally with new music and the artists whom we serve.