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Spring 2016 Project Grants Panelists

June 30, 2016

Today we are pleased to announce the 60 spring 2016 project grants awardees. In addition to the incredible artists we funded this round, we also want to showcase the hardworking group of review panelists who committed hours of insight, expertise, and intensive deliberation to the 1,294 projects that were submitted. All of our panelists are practitioners in a variety of fields, including composition, performance, choreography, dance, film, sculpture, puppetry, and more. Each of these individuals was paired with projects that fall within their respective areas of knowledge and expertise, and they all played an integral role in our review process, scoring projects based on the review criteria we gave them. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the time and dedication of our colleagues in the field. A huge thanks to these 45 panelists:

Brittain Ashford – Brooklyn, NY 
Byron Au Yong– Seattle, WA 
Stacey Barelos – Omaha, NE 
Sidra Bell – White Plains, NY 
Heather Buchman – Clinton, NY 
Ananya Chatterjea – Minneapolis, MN 
Gloria Cheng – Los Angeles, CA 
Chris Cogburn – Austin, TX 
Michael Daugherty – Ann Arbor, MI   
Amy Denio – Seattle, WA 
Jeff Denson – Richmond, CA  
Natacha Diels – San Diego, CA 
Liberty Ellman – Brooklyn, NY 
David First – Brooklyn, CA 
Karen Strittmatter Galvin – Raleigh, NC 
Sheetal Gandhi – Los Angeles, CA 
Paul Geluso – New York, NY 
Christine Goodman – Jersey City, NJ 
Daniel Hart – Buffalo, NY 
David Heuser – Potsdam, NY 
Chia Yu Hsu – Eau Claire, WI 
James Lee III – Edgewood, MD 
Todd Lerew – Los Angeles, CA 
David Liptak – Rochester, NY 
Mary Mackenzie– Boston, MA 
Ben Makino – Cordova, TN 
Sally Lamb McCune – Ithaca, NY 
Justin Merritt – Northfield, MN 
Brent Miller – Walnut Creek, CA
Keir Neuringer – Philadelphia, PA 
Mark Olivieri – Geneva, NY  
Aaron Parks – Brooklyn, NY 
Lauren Radnofsky – Rochester, NY 
Jon Raskin – Oakland, CA 
Micah Silver – Los Angeles, CA 
Stephanie Skura – Auburn, WA 
Sydney Skybetter – Providence, RI 
Laura Steenberge – Thousand Oaks, CA 
Rhonda Taylor – Mesilla Park, NM 
Maggie Vail – Portland, OR 
Doug Varone – New York, NY 
Wayne Wallace – San Francisco, CA 
Ashley Walters – Los Angeles, CA 
Noah Weber – Astoria, NY 
Dana Wilson – Ithaca, NY