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The Debussy “Six” | Music Mondays

January 22, 2015

Music Mondays is gearing up for its epic Debussy “Six”concert on January 26. The Debussy “Six” is a present-day realization of Debussy’s half-completed composition project of six chamber sonatas for eccentric instrumental combinations.

As Debussy was only able to complete three of the six sonatas he envisioned (sonata for violin and piano; sonata for cello and piano; sonata for flute, harp, and viola), composers Thomas Adès, Marc-André Dalbavie, and Libby Larsen have stepped in to finish this famously incomplete set by offering their own compositions based on the three remaining unusual combinations that the French master envisioned: Adès’s Sonata da caccia for oboe, horn, and harpsichord; Dalbavie’s Axiom for piano, clarinet, bassoon, and trumpet; and Larsen’s world premiere new work for viola, clarinet, and piano.

The entire set will be performed at Music Mondays by 13 stellar performers, including many of the city’s favorite new music musicians, such as Todd Palmer, Peter Evans, Bridget Kibbey, Alex Sopp, Christopher Oldfather, and Music Monday’s own artistic director Aaron Wunsch.

We’re very pleased to announce that Libby Larsen will be present to speak briefly about her new piece, which receives its world premiere on this concert.

For more information, please visit musicmondays.org/january.html.