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“What Happens After I Click Submit?”: Impact Fund

January 6, 2015

Curious about what happens in the 12-14 weeks between when the Impact Fund deadline closes and when awards are announced? To help you understand what’s going on in that timeframe, we’ve done our best to explain the process below.

  1. The New Music USA Grantmaking staff of three will review all applications for eligibility.
  2. Profiles will then be evaluated through a peer review process involving composers, performers, and administrators versed in the New York new music community.
  3. Panelists are assigned a sub-set of the whole pool for review over the course of four weeks. The panelists review each organization based on artistry, impact, and capacity. You can read the review criteria we send panelists here.
  4. Projects are then averaged and ranked by the panelist scores, taking into account extreme differences in scores and panelist comments to create a list of ranked profiles.
  5. The complete list of ranked profiles is then sent back to the panelists, who are instructed to form their own small cohort of five organizations from the entire list. The panelists also choose a top three within the five that they feel should definitely be part of the cohort.
  6. The panelists then meet in person and share their small cohorts, and work from there to build consensus on the whole cohort. Once the cohort has been selected, the panelists also suggest residency pairings.
  7. Final award amounts are then allocated based on budget size and whether or not an organization will be participating in a residency.
  8. At this point, awards are ready to be announced and approximately 12-14 weeks have elapsed. Notifications are sent via email to the email address associated with the organization’s profile.