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Double Entrance by Small Cruel Party
From Partial Precipitation Part 006 (Partial 1995)

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  1. Eucalyptus by David Crowell
  2. Elapsed Time by Paul Dresher
  3. She Fell Into A Well Of Sorrows by Marti Epstein
  4. O Superman (for Massenet) by Laurie Anderson
  5. Partial Precept by Norman Adams
  6. Ansa Ya by Merrill Garbus
  7. Spring Valley Sunset by Ljova
Inspect the Unexpected

Counterstream Radio is your online home for exploring the music of America’s composers. The only principle that defines the music we broadcast is that it’s never about following the rules: This is music created without regard for anyone who says, “You can’t do that!” Read more »

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  1. In addition to the site’s player, you can connect with Counterstream Radio’s stream directly using your favorite player and the following address: http://counterstream.newmusicusa.org:8000/
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