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3 Generations

Saturday, April 28, 2018
at 7:00 PM

Camptonville Community Center Performing Arts
15333 Cleveland Avenue
Camptonville, CA 95922


Event Information

Terry Riley – The 3 Generations Trio – 

.. I like to work with these more open forms in order to bring out the best in my own playing as well as that of my collaborators, freeing up our abilities to improvise in diverse ways and for the music to exist in the moment. The music might encompass Asian, African, Western Classical, Jazz or other aesthetics as Tracy and Gyan have the ability and awareness to shift genres asthe music calls for it. The 3 Generations Trio is one of my favorite ensembles because of the basic layers of violin, guitar and piano give a wonderful sonic transparency. There is a resonant composite sound coming from the individual strands of violin, guitar and piano that spontaneously emerge to generate a unique fabric. The addition of the Indian style vocals have allowed us to explore musical avenues nourished by the ancient rivers of North Indian Ragas.” Terry Riley 

Terry Riley-synthesizer, piano, voice 
Gyan Riley-electric guitar, acoustic guitar 
Tracy Silverman-violin, electric violin