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andPlay and Kylwria to Perform Three World Premieres at Arete Venue

Saturday, April 21, 2018
at 7:30 PM

Arete Venue and Gallery
67 West Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Event Information

On Saturday, April 21, 2018 at 7:30pm ​andPlay​ (Maya Bennardo, violin, andHannah Levinson, viola) will join ​Kylwyria​ (Erica Dicker, violin, Julia Den Boer, piano and JohnGattis, horn) at Areté Venue and Gallery, 67 West Street #103, Brooklyn, NY 11222 where they will perform a set of some of their newest repertoire, including three world premieres by Leah Asher, Bethany Younge, and Viola Yip.

Described by ​I Care If You Listen​ as “enthusiastic champions for new music and collaboration” and performing “with a welcoming and dynamic spirit,” ​andPlay​ is committed to expanding the existing violin/viola duo repertoire through performing rarely heard works and commissioning emerging composers. Their program includes ​Letters to my future self ​(2018, world premiere) by Leah Asher, ​from perfect nowhere​ (2015) by Nicholas DeMaison, and ​ing ing ing ing ing ing ing inging ing ing into​ (2018, world premiere) by Bethany Young.

Comprised of three forward-thinking musicians, ​Kylwyria​ actively pursues collaborations with living composers and illuminates work written since Gyorgy Ligeti’s seminal Trio for Violin, Horn, and Piano (1982). Taking their namesake from a make-believe country Ligeti invented and “maintained”throughout his childhood, ​Kylwyria​ seeks to expand the repertoire for Horn Trio by representing the dynamic voices of today’s composers and musical innovators. Kylwyria’s program includes ​August Moon​ (1993) by Alvin Lucier, ​New Piece​ (2018, world premiere) by Viola Yip, and ​Microexercise n.14 ​(2006) by Christian Wolff.