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APC – Modern Pibroch Library 2019 Call for Submissions

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, November 1, 2019
at 8:00 PM Eastern

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Event Information

After the successful launch in 2018 of the Modern Pibroch Library, the Alt Pibroch Club is once again asking composers to submit new and unpublished works of cèol mor for possible inclusion in this year’s  (2019) volume. 

We are looking for submissions that correlate to one of three different areas:

  1. Trad music – where new compositions fit within the genre of solo piping or solo harp  or solo fiddle piobaireachd music. Other organizations sponsor competitions whose results are excellent pieces of music that maintain today’s current performance style and typical structures (suibhal, taorluath, crunluath; doublings and trebling, etc.) At the Alt Pibroch Club we are looking for more interesting explorations of the tradition – there are plenty of short piobarieachds, of piobaireachs of non-standard structure, of tunes that harken to a song tradition. We are encouraging composers in the “trad music” field to consider those tunes as models of inspiration.
  2. Ensemble pieces – any combination of instruments performing a piece that reflects cèol mor . It may be a new instrumentation setting of an old piobaireachd. It may be a new tune, with non-piping instruments. It may be a combination of vocal, harp, whistle, small pipes.  It may be piping and viol duets. Be creative.
  3. Avant Garde -pieces who intentions are to extend our concept of cèol mor is. These pieces recognize the norms and expectations of cèol mor, but intentionally push the boundaries of tone, of style, of instrumentation into areas where very few would imagine cèol mor would go. This may including drawing quite heavily from other musical sources and traditions.

Let us know where you think you fit.  We are not limiting submissions or selections in each area; we simply want to know how you are approaching your creative process.  Of course, overlapping can and does occur. 

Each entry will be reviewed by our international panel of judges, and composers, who will  present their recommendation for inclusion in the Library.  The anticipated acceptance rate for the 2019 volume is up to six (6) composes and their pieces.  This may vary, depending on funding and submissions.  All submissions must include a recording (m4a, mp3) and a PDF score.  Include your name and a bit of your background, and your contact info.  You may also which to include a bit about the background that inspired you to create the tune.

The composers of the included tunes will  receive a one-time monetary stipend for their compositions of $200. This stipend does not restrict the copyright of the composer, but it does allow the APC to publish the piece in a future collection of music at no charge to us. You will also be asked to submit a photo of yourself.

Deadline for submissions will be 1 November 2019.  

Please send your submission (score and recording) to jdavid.hester@altpibroch.com, with the subject line “Library of Modern Pibroch 2019”.

Participants: Alt Pibroch Club