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Caitlin Cawley and Ford Fourqurean at Spectrum

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, June 21, 2019
at 7:00 PM

70 Flushing Ave, Garage A
Brooklyn, NY 11205


event image for Caitlin Cawley and Ford Fourqurean at Spectrum

Event Information

Percussionist Caitlin Cawley and clarinetist Ford Fourqurean host a a double set of works using interactive electronics and multimedia. Caitlin will present a program of theatrical works for percussion and electronics, featuring David Adamcyk’s Six Drawings by Randall for amplified balloon, electronics and projected art by Julia Randall, as well as original compositions and improvisations. She also premieres a new work written for her by Carolyn Chen. Ford performs works from Project M, an initiative developing new music for clarinet and Mugic sensor through Max and Max4Live, including premieres by Rojin Sharafi and Lisa Atkinson as well as the New York premiere of Unstuck in Time by Mark Micchelli.

Participants: Ford Fourqurean