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Chance and Circumstance Festival: TAK Ensemble

Thursday, May 11, 2017
at 7:00 PM

Jack Arts, Inc.
505 1/2 Waverly Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238


Event Information

TAK Ensemble
Sam Pluta: Escape Strategies (poppoppop?float away!)
Kate Soper: Rhetoric
Charlotte Mundy: Bluff
Erin Gee: Mouthpiece 28

TAK is a quintet that delivers energetic and virtuosic performances of contemporary classical music and “impresses with the organicity of their sound, their dynamism and virtuosity — and, well, just a dash of IDGAF as they slay the thorniest material like it’s nothing” (Q2 Music). Described as “stellar” (Oneirics), and note for their “restless strands of ever ­shifting color and vigor” (Feast of Music), TAK concerts are consistently dynamic and engaging. Dedicated to the commission of new works and direct collaboration with composers and other artists, TAK promotes ambitious programming at the highest level, fostering engagement both within the contemporary music community, through bringing in guest artists and collaborators, and the musical community at large. Through working with installation artists, theater companies, and video artists, TAK aims to broaden the scope and diversity of their audience interaction.

Part of Ensemble Pamplemousse’s Chance and Circumstance Festival, May 11 – 14. http://www.jackny.org/ensemble-pamplemousse1.html

Photo: Dan Bird