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Composer Portrait: Brett Dean

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, July 30, 2019
at 8:00 PM

The Big Barn
49 Main St
Putney, VT 05346


event image for Composer Portrait: Brett Dean

Event Information

Skizzen für Siegbert (Sketches for Siegbert) (2011)Brett Dean, viola Equality (2004)Christina Dahl, piano Eleven Oblique Strategies (2014)Alexander Kovalev, Annie Jacobs-Perkins, Yoshika Masuda, Aaron Wolff, cellos Notes from the Twittersphere (2015)Rosie Gallagher, flute Ophelia Sections from Hamlet (2013-2016)Rachel Schutz, soprano; Emma Frucht, Sophia Anna Szokolay, violins; Maren Rothfritz, viola; Coleman Itzkoff, cello

Participants: Yellow Barn