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Composers Concordance Presents ‘Social Bubble Salon Concert’: Piano Theme

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, August 4, 2020
at 6:00 PM Eastern

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Kostabi World
New York City, NY 10001

Free Event

event image for Composers Concordance Presents ‘Social Bubble Salon Concert’: Piano Theme

Event Information

Composers Concordance combines the Live Stream concert* with a Social Bubble Gathering of colleagues to present our fourth chamber salon concert in the Pandemic era. 

The performance will consist of 15 composers/performers presenting their music for each other in a socially-distanced setting in Mark Kostabi’s spacious Chelsea townhouse, while simultaneously live streaming 15 cameras on Facebook Live.

*PLEASE NOTE: While we look forward to seeing you all in person, we cannot have a live audience at Kostabi World just yet. Hopefully soon!

Composers/Performers include: Seth Boustead, Geoffrey Burleson, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper, Pete Drungle, Robert C. Ford, Julie Fotheringham, Gregor Huebner, Jai Jeffryes, Mark Kostabi, Carli Munoz, Gene Pritsker, Steve Sandberg, Tania Stavreva, Kathleen Supové.

Featured Compositions include: ‘1000 Kites’ by Mark Kostabi; ‘Hero’s Journey’ by former (1969-81) Beach Boys keyboardist/percussionist Carli Muñoz, with poetry by Robert C. Ford; ‘Pandemic Dance #17’ by Gene Pritsker, performed by the composer and Kathleen Supové; and ‘Elegy’ by Dan Cooper, performed by Jai Jeffryes, with choreography by Julie Fotheringham.