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Concept Lab: Volume IX

Date, location, and tickets

Sunday, December 8, 2019
at 5:00 PM

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
185 Orchard St.
New York, NY 10002


event image for Concept Lab: Volume IX

Event Information

Concept Lab is an exciting new exploratory music series featuring works in progress, improvised works and collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects in all stages of completion.

Created by composers Seth Boustead and Will Rowe and run as a collective, Concept Lab is a showcase of the newest of the new. and an exciting chance to watch the creative process at work in real time.

Volume IX features works inspired by Korea’s Josean dynasty, a feminist retelling of the Odyssey myth and 5 and 7 beat rhythmic cycles in just intonation.

Plus performance practice in electronica, useless machines for thinking, dreaming, feeling, new piano etudes and eight one-minute sonic textures that will become the raw material for a new chamber work by Erin Rogers.

All for $10! Let’s do this!

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
185 Orchard

Music by
Seth Boustead
Gilbert Galindo
Texu Kim
Frank J. Oteri
Milica Paranosic
Adam Riefsteck
Erin Rogers
Will Rowe

Performed by:
Hristina Blagoeva – flute
Talia Dicker – cello
Irene Fitzgerald-Cherry – violin
Ford Fourqurean – clarinet
Barbara Podgursky – piano
Mia Theodoratus – harp
John Urban – piano