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Concerts From Cars in Brooklyn

Date, location, and tickets

Sunday, May 24, 2020
at 5:00 PM

Brooklyn, NY
Secret location (or book a concert on your block)
Brooklyn, NY 11217


event image for Concerts From Cars in Brooklyn

Event Information

Concerts From Cars (CFC) offers a safe live music experience to residential communities in NYC while adhering to social distancing. CFC is the first project we are aware of that aims at both deliver music to your door and raise money for musicians in a time when all theaters and music venues have gone dark due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CenterPoint Arts understands that throughout history music has been used to celebrate happy occasions, as well as to provide emotional support in times of crisis and even during terrifying events. Music uplifts people’s spirit during wars and disasters and even is used as a ritual during funerals in various traditions. In this difficult time for everyone, we bring music to the streets as a cure from cabin fever and us an uplifting force for everyone who struggle during the pandemic.

The Concerts From Cars musicians are mindful of staying 6 feet apart and not gathering a crowd. We keep performances short to prevent forming any gatherings.