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David First: The Western Enisphere

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
at 8:00 PM

509 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Event Information

Hyper-minimalist microtonality and sensual phenomena take center stage as Western Enisphere presents new work for ensemble and electronics. Formed by David First and Jeanann Dara in April 2012, Western Enisphere seeks to develop a body of hyper-minimalist, audio / video just intonation and microtonal works steeped in First’s concepts of Gestural Improvisation, defined as a set of procedures that isolates musical elements and elevates them to the level of most significant extrapolative detail. Comprised of a cast of in-demand musicians in New York City, the ensemble has worked extensively to internalize what First calls “a virtuosity of slowness and safecracker focus, with the goal of both resonating with, and attempting to subvert, the laws of nature.”