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FERUS Festival: Sxip Shirey

Monday, January 15, 2018
at 7:00 PM

National Sawdust
80 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249


Event Information

For the third night of the FERUS Festival, Sxip Shirey presents three pieces built around death, disappearance, and returning home. The pieces will be accompanied by the unique dancer Coco Karol, who also does choreography for the show. The show also will feature the puppetry of three notable performers: Basil Twist, Erin Orr, and Chris Green.

“Latency, an Elegy for David Bowie,” features 5 singers, hocketing melodic line syllable by syllable, marbles willing in glass bowls, spinning weight plates, mechanical artificial heart beat, voice sung from cell phone to cell phone creating delays and feedback through electronic latency and a dancer who climbs over the composer.

“Amelia Found” is a nocturne that following Amelia Earhart, from sunset and through the night, to a day break where she has disappeared. Before the performance, the audience will be asked to be give the name of a person or thing that has disappeared from their lives. Code key, piano and glass harmonica will incorporate these names and words into the piece as messages sent to heaven in morse code.

In, “The Gauntlet: Sing me a Lullaby, as Under Water,” the 40+ person choir, Choral Chameleon, stands in two long rows facing each other. The choir hockets melodic and harmonic phrases in pairs and then passes these down and across the aisle. As the audience walks through “the gauntlet” they are immersed in sound as the lines of the compositions are passed from singer to singer.

Performing artist this evening includes Composer Sxip Shirey, dancer/choreographer Coco Karol, glass harmonica Jonny Rogers, puppeteers Basil Twist, Chris Green and Erin Orr, singer/morse code key Lacy Rose, singer/violinist Rima Fand, singer Natti Vogel and Choral Chameleon.