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Fuse Ensemble Presents Nimbus

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, April 5, 2019
at 1:15 PM

georgetown university mcneir auditorium
3611 Canal Road NW
Washington,, DC 20016

Free Event

event image for Fuse Ensemble Presents Nimbus

Event Information

Now in its eleventh year, DC-based electro-acoustic chamber group Fuse Ensemble presents the premiere of Nimbus, by composer Gina Biver. Nimbus is an artistic collaboration between poet Colette Inez (1931-2018), composer Gina Biver and video artist Ethan Jackson that is based on seven poems on the early life of Colette Inez, the lovechild of a Catholic Priest and French scholar. Included in the set are works by composers Caroline Shaw, Ethan Foote, Alexis Bacon, Marc Mellits and Kevin Puts. Concert is free and open to the public.