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golden sun

Date, location, and tickets

Monday, April 6, 2020
at 5:30 PM Eastern

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Event Information

I’m Bryan McNamara, a Brooklyn-based saxophonist and singer. 

I’ll broadcast a live performance of golden sun by Eva-Maria Houben every Sunday through Friday until we’re on the other side of the covid19 pandemic. 

starting around 5:30pm Eastern

Sunday – Friday

watch at singularityquartet.com/bryan


golden sun was written for solo saxophone in 2006. It comprises a series of phrases divided by pauses for breath. The duration of each phrase is determined by the amount of air one has in their lungs.
The player is given these guidelines:
– soft, without any effort.
– play in a relaxed way, somewhat casually.
– nearly nothing.


I’m eager to share this serene, gorgeous music with you.

Participants: Bryan McNamara