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Great Black Music (Jazz) from New York

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, September 6, 2019
at 8:00 PM

The Lilypad
1353 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139


event image for Great Black Music (Jazz) from New York

Event Information



Music: Creative Improvisational Jazz                        

Featured Guests: Trio Plex:  New York’s Michael T.A. Thompson Trio with Cooper-Moore & Ken Filiano                      

The Creative Music Series proudly welcomes Great Black Music, Jazz from prime lower “downtown” New York musicians, a first for Boston!

Re-configuring the Jazz Trio…

They are world class, master improvisers together as The Trio Plex—maybe the best improv-Jazz drummer, pianist/multi-instrumentalist & bassist together you may not have ever heard of (yet)—yet each a leader in their own right, now together for the first time in performance!

The NY-based and new Trio Plex have been listening, creating and deconstructing music separately for many decades—they continue to influence the direction of free music— have decided to combine forces to reach new dimensions for the drums, piano and bass.

Michael T. A. Thompson: Sound rhythium (aka drummer), composer

Cooper-Moore: piano, multi-instrumentalist, composer

Ken Filiano: bass, composer

Michael T. A. Thompson:   “Completing the quartet is drummer Michael T.A. Thompson, who brings a loose and propulsive animation to every moment of these proceedings, matching the force of Filiano’s lines and ostinati with a sense of liberation”,  Moments Notice;

“…Drummer drummer Thompson couldn’t be a more correct choice to give fire to the music comprising “Dreams From a Clown Car.” Another remarkable achievement.”-Clean Feed Records.

Cooper-Moore: Celebrating Cooper-Moore’s Lifetime achievement at the 2017 NY 22nd Vision Free-Jazz Festival

“What is this…? An absolutely new way in the approach of jazz! … This is free jazz with a high level of joy in the performance but also of fun in the music itself: rhythmic complexities, some hard blowing at times, and especially the incredible interplay on these short yet to-the-point pieces.  review of the eponymous album.

Ken Filiano: “Critics have called him a ‘creative virtuoso,’ a ‘master of technique’ … “a paradigm of that type of artist. . . who can play anything in any context and make it work, simply because he puts the music first and leaves peripheral considerations behind”. New Music USA.


The Trio began with a longing to hear something different, and together they hope to create new levels of flexibility and enjoyment to the typical bass, drums and piano format by combining forces to reach new dimensions for drums, piano and bass. As musicians who continue to influence the directions of free music, thrive for new horizons and in this situation we put it into action as a collective thought process. Each individual will attempt to manifest his own thinking in the midst of everyone else’s and as a result will transmit a new place of succession. The music will involve some free, some form and some dissonance.

They have been listening, creating and deconstructing music separately for many decades. They are excited about this new trio and look forward to sharing new liberating, rhythmic, creative, and exceptional music in new horizons…








Participants: Alex Lemski