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Jazz- Classical Crossing

Date, location, and tickets

Saturday, April 6, 2019
at 3:00 PM

Oysterville Church
33590 Territory Road
Ocean Park, WA 98640

Free Event

event image for Jazz- Classical Crossing

Event Information

(Jazz- Classical) Crossing

Works by

Chick Corea

David Bowie/ Jung Sun Kang

Nikolai Kapustin


Jung Sun Kang, piano

Free and open to public


I’m excited to play some of my favorite jazz-infused classical piano music for you. 

In Chick Corea’s Children’s Songs, we get a glimpse of Chick’s mind and heart through his genre-crossing music. 

I pay tribute to David Bowie in my newest transcription, “Life on Mars?”

The program is featuring Russian composer/pianist Nikolai Kapustin. His piano writing is rhythmically complex and highly virtuosic, making huge technical and musical demands on the performer. This music could only be composed by one steeped in the experience of performing and improvising jazz; and at the same time, could only be committed to paper by one possessing a solid classical training.


The program lasts ~50 minutes; there is no intermission. 



Participants: Jung Sun Kang