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koosil-ja/dance KUMIKO: Open Data Story of Profit and Death

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
at 8:00 PM

Roulette Intermedium
509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217


event image for koosil-ja/dance KUMIKO: Open Data Story of Profit and Death

Event Information

Ever since Koosil-ja’s research on Identity and Body collided into the brilliant work of Jerome Bel entitled “Jerome Bel,” it changed its trajectory: it is no longer the concern of a body reduced to language, but the concern of our lives reduced to data, or worse some are not being counted. All the questions are asked with indicators and answered with statistics. In these processes, who do we leave behind? “A body cannot be overlooked,” but what we do is to count the bodies. We constantly aggregate and disaggregate the data and apply different indicators, for what purpose? To find each other or lose oneself in them…? Along with Geoff Matters and Melissa Guerrerokoosil-ja/dance Kumiko operates the “deconstruction of theatrical representation” with cellphones, internet connectivity, and projections.

koosil-ja: concept, creator, and performer
Geoff Matters: creator and performer
Melissa Guerrero: creator, performer, and technology

koosil-ja/danceKUMIKO has been questioning the concept of identity by studying various philosophical and theoretical works since 1986. Race and racism drove us to study Identity and brought us to various scholarly works. Today we question how to dance with capitalism. The force of capitalism reduces and multiplies our identities and oppresses our every potentiality: our body is reduced to a labor force, and we are aggregated as a consumer, gender, race, age, class, and so on, depending on the market rate. We explore and challenge the fundamentals of dance to awaken the unconsciousness. The creative process becomes the act of resistance. We make dance with and perform philosophical and theoretical studies of the relation between power, body, social, and technology, and we experiment ways to dance the resistance. We come together to collaborate with dancers, composers, musicians, 3D animators, game and interactive programmers, installation artists, video artists, songwriters, sound engineers, lighting designers, philosophers, and scientists. 

Participants: Roulette Intermedium