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Marcia Bassett with Barry Weisblat / Kyle Eyre Clyd

Date, location, and tickets

Friday, February 14, 2020
at 8:00 PM

ISSUE Project Room
22 Boerum Place
Brooklyn, NY 11201


event image for Marcia Bassett with Barry Weisblat / Kyle Eyre Clyd

Event Information

ISSUE presents artist and musician Marcia Bassett’s Out-SIDe PATtern RE-configuration, a new sound and light performance featuring Bassett’s video projections sourced from digitized super 8mm film, liquid light experiments, and video feedback with color gel slide projections by Barry WeisblatKyle Eyre Clyd, the longtime moniker of Alabama-based, interdisciplinary artist Kyle Kessler, also presents new work. In late 2019, Bassett released Kyle Eyre Clyd’s Eggshell on her Yew Recordings imprint.

Kyle Eyre Clyd presents new work exploring the figure of the medieval artisan as a figure who is not mad but is becoming-mad and in this half-state of identity, addresses the cosmos. The performance features archaic texts of visionaries accompanied by a de-healing drone whose timbres and transitions induce feelings of nausea and simulate auditory hallucinations. Abstracted close-ups, drag, and vocal pitch shifting in video presentation accompany live manipulation of sound.

Throughout her artistic practice, Marcia Bassett has sought to induce trance-like-states of mind through her multifaceted audiovisual work. For Out-SIDe PATtern RE-configuration, Bassett explores the interaction of sound and light and their resulting forms, using analog and digital tools and real-time composition to manipulate and abstract sound into seemingly chaotic and fragmented parts. Interrelations between sound and visual projections unfold in timed sequences organized into areas of duration to further emphasize random relationships, abstractions, and conflict. Her visual presentation expands upon an experimental super 8mm film that she shot, edited and composed a soundtrack for in July 2019 titled “Morning Reflections,” plus slide projections from artist Barry Weisblat.

Participants: ISSUE Project Room