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Nanaco Tarui and Pete Drungle

Date, location, and tickets

Wednesday, February 12, 2020
at 7:30 PM

67 West St, #103
Brooklyn, NY 11222


event image for Nanaco Tarui and Pete Drungle

Event Information

Nanaco Tarui (violin) and Pete Drungle (piano) navigate a vast spectrum of sounds, from avant-garde and free jazz to neo-baroque and beyond.

Pete Drungle is a Bessie Award-winning composer and pianist who has made music with Ornette Coleman, The Kronos Quartet, Yoko Ono, the Decoding Society and many others; he has composed scores for theater, television, film and video, and has collaborated with visual and performance artists including Michael Portnoy, Rudolf Stingel, Marianne Vitale, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Agathe Snow and others. His music compositions, performances and sound design have accompanied exhibitions in Art-Basel Miami, the Whitney Biennial, and Performa 07, 09 and 11. As a pianist, Drungle is an intrepid, adventurous improviser – possibly best exemplified by his legendary 24-HOUR CONTINUOUS SOLO PIANO IMPROVISATION; Wire magazine’s Alan Licht remarked, “…In as much as free improvisation can be a real-time, stream of consciousness expression, Drungle’s epic event pushed it well beyond the limits usually imposed by the customary concert timetable…That he was still functioning at a high level of creativity after 23 hours pays new testimony to the improvisational mindset. Drungle contributed the truest experiment in concert as performance art that PERFORMA had to offer.” Recent accolades include a Bessie Award for Best Composer, a Meet The Composer Commissioning Music/USA commission, an American Music Center grant, and composer residencies at UCross, Wyoming and Chapter Arts, Cardiff Wales.

QUOTES “…an evolved sound.” – Ornette Coleman “…Incredible …the most important solo piano record I’ve heard in a decade.” – Sean Lennon “…I was swept away by Pete Drungle’s amazing talent. His breadth and depth of improvisation and creativity at the piano are truly unique. Pete is a true musician and artist above and beyond being a fabulous pianist.” – Philip Lasser, Julliard Professor of Music Composition “…Pete Drungle is a cosmically wondrous pianist, composer, arranger and visionary. He bridges so many formidable gaps in this fracture-ridden world in which we struggle to live today.” – Daniel Carter, musician / writer “…a brilliant composer..” – TimeOut NY “…intensely cinematic..” – New York Times

Participants: Areté Venue Gallery