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Next Festival 2020: Music Where It’s Needed Most

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, June 30, 2020
at 1:30 PM Eastern

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Free Event

event image for Next Festival 2020: Music Where It’s Needed Most

Event Information

 Join world renowned double bassist Richard “Dobbs” Hartshorn for a discussion about using music for cross-cultural connection. Hartshorne has been playing only in places where there otherwise would not be music since 2004. Places like prisons, refugee camps, UN schools, drug rehab centers, remote villages and more.

“I go wherever I feel the need is the greatest” says Dobbs, “because having an intense musical experience gives people in extreme circumstances a sense of being connected to the world, of not being forgotten. That feeling of how music can affect us stays with them for the rest of their lives.” ~Dobbs

Hartshorn studied with Oberlin Conservatory and the Juilliard School, then early stints with The American Symphony in NYC, The National Orchestra of Bolivia and The National Orchestra of Costa Rica. After 30 years playing chamber music with the Apple Hill Chamber Players, he wanted to play for audiences outside ‘traditional classical music audiences’ (probably .001 percent of the population world-wide). Because of war or incarceration or other kinds of human tragedies, some groups need music more than others. The organization Bach With Verse was formed.

These free workshops are part of Next Festival 2020, an expansive month of events celebrating and supporting new creative voices. LEARN MORE: https://next-fest.org/