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Noell Dorsey / Andrea Pensado (duo)

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
at 7:00 PM

Village Vinyl & HI-FI
3017 Harvard Avenue
Brookline, MA 02445


event image for Noell Dorsey / Andrea Pensado (duo)

Event Information

7pm | $5 

About the artists

NOELL DORSEY is a singer, improviser and experimental vocalist based in Somerville MA. She is a member of the venerable ultra-heavy psych-rock outfit Major Stars. She also performs with the improv duos Avoidance and Beautiful Weekend. Coming from a classical singing background, she incorporates various vocal techniques and extensions to create a textural and uninhibited terrain.

ANDREA PENSADO is an experimental musician, composer, and organizer, based in Salem, Massachusetts. While she initially composed for acoustic instruments, she was increasingly attracted to working with electronics to create a far more abrasive sound world. In her current work, she employs a highly personal sonic language using harsh, dense layers of sounds, often interwoven with her voice. Her live, interactive musical systems and use of invented language combine into inherently unstable performances full of ecstatic energy. In addition to her solo work, she has longtime collaborations with Chris Strunk & Walter Wright as Los Condenados, and Jen Gelineau & Stephanie Germaine as Phurnne. She also curates the Sonorium concert series in Salem.

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