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Outpost: words & music

Date, location, and tickets

Saturday, June 20, 2020
at 8:00 PM

Hook and Ladder Theater & Lounge
3010 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406


event image for Outpost: words & music

Event Information

Outpost is a 21st century variety show blending chamber music by living composers with spoken word performances by poets, actors, authors, comedians, journalists, and more. There is no theme to our shows, unless you perceive one, in which case that’s the theme and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Our final Outpost show of the 2019-20 season brings together some of Minnesota’s best-loved performers for an evening that will range from modern takes on twisted old Scottish folk tunes to the emerging Brooklyn composer Yaz Lancaster’s unique take on jazz scat. Also in the mix will be James Baldwin’s vivid short story, “Sonny’s Blues,”a now-classic solo viola work by Nico Muhly, and young composer Gabriella Smith’s cathartic string quartet, Carrot Revolution, performed by members of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Outpost is curated and produced by Sam Bergman and Carrie Henneman Shaw.

Participants: Sam Bergman