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RBA: Wajde Ayub & Ensemble | Wasla: Soul Music of Syria

Date, location, and tickets

Saturday, September 28, 2019
at 8:00 PM

Roulette Intermedium
509 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217


event image for RBA: Wajde Ayub & Ensemble | Wasla: Soul Music of Syria

Event Information

Wajde Ayub, born in Aleppo, is a classically trained Syrian mutrib (principal vocalist) who has been acclaimed for his exquisite and commanding renderings of wasla, a musical suite that incorporates composed and improvised parts.

His performances, which include muwashahat (sung poetry), layal (melismatic vocalizations) and mawwal(unmetered song), resonate with the musical ecstasy known as tarab, a heightened state of emotion similar to duende in flamenco. For over 25 years he performed with many of the major musical figures of Aleppo, and today is a leading proponent of Syrian vocal music in the US. His ensemble features a chorus and instrumentalists on ‘ud (lute), qanun (zither), nay (flute), violin, bass, cello and percussion.

Participants: Roulette Intermedium