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Sarah Bernstein VEER Quartet

Date, location, and tickets

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
at 8:30 PM

67 West St, #103
Brooklyn, NY 11222


event image for Sarah Bernstein VEER Quartet

Event Information

Sarah Bernstein – violin/compositions

Sana Nagano – violin
Leonor Falcón – viola
Nick Jozwiak – cello

The VEER Quartet presents compositions by Sarah Bernstein for improvising string quartet. Four inventive and soloistic musicians create a sound that cuts across jazz and chamber music to avant-free expression. With Sarah Bernstein, violin, Sana Nagano, violin, Leonor Falcón, viola, Nick Jozwiak, cello.

SARAH BERNSTEIN is a New York-based composer and violinist whose work incorporates vocals, electronics, improvisation and original text. She is known for her fiery multidisciplinary performances, and has garnered international acclaim for her distinctive recordings. She leads bands, performs solo, and collaborates with numerous artists in avant-jazz, chamber music, experimental pop and noise. Nominated “Rising Star” in the DownBeat Critics Poll for the past four years, Bernstein is a recognized innovator in forward-thinking jazz. Her approach merges post-tonal and polyrhythmic melody with sonic exploration and raw emotion. In addition to live performance, Bernstein’s music is featured on radio programs, podcasts, and film scores. Her poetry has been published by Red Ceilings Press and Sensitive Skin Magazine. She is originally from San Francisco, CA. http://sarahbernstein.com