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softboarding: medium shred

Date, location, and tickets

Tuesday, June 25, 2019
at 8:00 PM

Roulette Intermedium
509 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217


event image for softboarding: medium shred

Event Information

In the world premiere of her work, softboarding: medium shred interdisciplinary artist stevie may focuses on embodied practices of collective action that attempt to work against uniformity—highlighting and drawing from the experience of existing in and resisting patriarchal spaces as trans* and gender non-conforming people, queer folks, and cis-women.

softboarding: medium shred is the first group piece ever performed using softboards—may’s invention to soften and queer traditional approaches to skateboarding that consist of a skateboard deck in a custom made felt case—and includes choreography on and off of softboards and intact skateboards, voice, and instrumentation.

As a group, they will take up space, they will be loud, they will be joyful, and they will be kind. Sometimes, they might not do too much, and sometimes, they will do everything all at once, as fully as possible.