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Sotto Voce presents “Living Voices” at St. John’s Ohio City

Date, location, and tickets

Saturday, June 9, 2018
at 3:30 PM

St. John's Ohio City
2600 Church Street
Cleveland, OH 44113


event image for Sotto Voce presents “Living Voices” at St. John’s Ohio City

Event Information

The Syndicate for the New Arts (http://www.thesyndicatecle.org) presents the Sotto Voce Vocal Collective (https://sottovocevocalcollective.wordpress.com)! This show starts at 3:30pm and ends before the Re:Sound Festival show at night! $10 s/d

Sotto Voce Vocal Collective is a Buffalo-based contemporary vocal ensemble that aims to promote awareness of both the capabilities of the human voice and the diversity of composers living today.

This summer, Sotto Voce embarks on their first tour, stopping in both Cleveland and Oberlin while in Ohio. Their program, “Living Voices” features works by a number of Rust-Belt composers, including two new commissions. The program takes listeners on an introspective journey through haunting sound-stories and sound-scapes. Each piece explores a different mystery of vocal phenomena – the voice’s origin in breath, the effects of spatialization and electronics, the beating of closely-tuned tones, the dramatic impact of the voice as human presence, degrees of ensemble unification and separation, activation of different bodily resonances, and the meeting of virtuosic techniques new and old.

Join us for a dramatic experience you’re not soon to forget!


Kaija Saariaho – From the Grammar of Dreams, IV (1988)

Alex Huddleston -The Sonnets PREMIER (2018)

Nomi Epstein – long, after (2017)

Mary Larew (arr.) – Heu Me Misera (2009)

Alvin Lucier – Unamuno (1994)


Kaija Saariaho – From the Grammar of Dreams, V (1988)

Brien Henderson – Noli esse vana (2016)

Jamie Leigh Sampson – Dite Me (2018)

Marianne Schuppe – der blumen (2017)

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/412051759266453/


This event is associated with Living Voices, a project sponsored by New Music USA.