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Spark Duo and Héloïse Werner at Spectrum

Date, location, and tickets

Sunday, September 8, 2019
at 3:00 PM

70 Flushing Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205


event image for Spark Duo and Héloïse Werner at Spectrum

Event Information

Spark Duo (Kate Amrine, trumpet and Ford Fourqurean, clarinets and electronics) performs a split bill with French-born and London-based soprano and composer Héloïse Werner at Spectrum, Sunday, September 8th at 3 pm.

Spark premieres a set of new works by Howie Kenty, Edmund Scott Miller, and Jinhee Han. Howie Kenty’s It Wasn’t Something We Could Control uses the words of Jason Rochester and Cecilia Gonzalez, a couple now living separately in Georgia and Mexico, respectively, because she came to the USA illegally years ago, and is unable to return. Jinhee Han’s echo me (ii) is from her series ‘Echo me’, which is inpired by a cirque du soleil Volta performance in Montreal, 2017. The program also features duos by Michael Lanci and inti figgis-vizueta, as well as the premieres of new solo works by Niloufar Nourbakhsh for trumpet and Ford for clarinet.

Participants: Ford Fourqurean, Kate Amrine